Documentation Overview

pygithub3 is a Github APIv3 python wrapper.

You can consume the API with several Services (users, repos...) like you see in Github API v3 documentation.

When you do an API request, pygithub3 map the result into Resources which can do its own related requests in future releases.

Fast sample

from pygithub3 import Github

gh = Github(login='octocat', password='password')

octocat = gh.users.get() # Auth required
copitux = gh.users.get('copitux')
# copitux = <User (copitux)>

octocat_followers = gh.users.followers.list().all()
copitux_followers = gh.users.followers.list('copitux').all()
# copitux_followers = [<User (ahmontero)>, <User (alazaro)>, ...]